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The dog friendly training and massage studio at Östermalm


Strength training for a strong & fit body that also prevents pain & provide you with more energy!

About us

Hello & welcome to Body Performance, the dog-friendly training & massage studio at Karlaplan in Stockholm. My name, who runs BP, is Kim Johansson, I was born in 85 and live in Gärdet in Stockholm with my partner, a daughter born in January 2019, a boy born in July 2021 and the world's kindest chihuahua and ragdoll.

In September 2021 I opened my own studio for the first time on the Swedish side of the Åland Sea. I offer personal training, sports massage, nutritional advice, distance training and also the possibility of hybrid training (PT + online help).

I was like any other teenager. When I started strength training, I weighed about 55kg and hated that I was so thin, which was my gateway to strength training from the very beginning. With results, it then became fun and the interest has continued to develop year after year.

I tried some courses, but only in 2009 did I find something of interest. Massage therapist at a Swedish school in Gran Canaria. The following year I started studying at the university in Halmstad in biomedicine with a focus on physical training, we also had the opportunity to get our "licenses" as PT and physical trainers at Eleiko through the university.

My own training mainly involves Olympic lifting nowadays, also called weightlifting together with powerlifting . Incredibly fun and effective for getting bigger, stronger and more mobile, but above all to feel good mentally too! But like everyone else, I have periods where I can't train as I intended, e.g. so the right mental attitude is super important to continue to develop and not fall back into unhealthy behavior patterns at the same time that we need to adapt training to life and not the other way around!

In 2020 I took the opportunity to certify myself as an online trainer from the Online Trainer Academy (OTA) and now I am taking Precision Nutrition level 1 (PN1). Constantly developing as a coach is something I'm passionate about, you never become a complete expert! Thanks to OTA and PN1, I can take my knowledge and not only develop it, but also realize how to best convey it to my clients online. Hope to see you on the inside! Coach Kim

Your trainer & coach
Kim Johansson

Body Performance secretary

Find us

Erik Dahlbergsgatan 30,115 32 Stockholm

By Subway: red line towards Ropsten to Karlaplan, exit Tessinparken
By Bus: #1 / #4 to Värtavägen. Walk up along Erik dahlbergsgatan.

Entrance from the courtyard.