KJ Body Performance

The dog friendly training and massage studio at Östermalm

Strength training for a strong & fit body that also prevents pain & provide you with more energy!

Magician who shares his secrets.. to get strong & fit in 90 days
I help close up magicians get strong & fit so they can perform with confidence for hours on end

To ensure maximum quality for my clients, I only have a certain number of spots available at a time. Are you willing to do what it takes and invest in yourself to achieve your dream goals? Apply for your spot now!

Kim is a certified online trainer from the Online Trainer Academy, one of the world's leading training courses to take your knowledge online as a trainer.
Bachelor's of Science with a major in biomedicine athletic training at Halmstad college 2010-2013 and licensed PT through Eleiko Education (2011).

Apply for a spot! No demands or expectations. We simply touch base to see if we seem like a good fit as a coach and client. I have a few different packages that range from SEK 1995 per month to SEK 9995 per month.  If we seem to fit the next step will be a phone / Zoom call and see which package would be right for You.

As a magician with a focus on card conjuring & card cheating (for demonstration purposes of course ;), I know that table hopping or mingling at events for whole evenings can be tiring not only for the hands but also for the legs, torso and back. Let me help you get strong and fit so all you have to think about is knowing your illusions and presentations by heart for maximum entertainment. I have mingled for e.g. companies like PAF in younger days, but also hopped among tables during private parties as well as Mariehamn's city Christmas party with 500+ people and a lot of tables. I know it can be tiring! Not only that, but confidence is needed for the audience to really feel comfortable and absorbed in the moment.

What is the solution? Well-thought-out training! Not only will you get stronger and fitter, you'll be less stressed, gain more confidence and even have more energy to practice your tricks. The basic package is 90 days, but I recommend continuing on a 4-week basis focusing on what really gets you results both in the gym, but also in your long-term lifestyle if you don't have the self efficacy that is needed after those 90 days. Cancel whenever you want after the initial 90 days and of course you use what you already invested in.

If you are new to the gym, I recommend booking a few individual sessions at the studio in addition to your program to get the hang of your training sessions, technique, etc. If you are not satisfied with the program, I offer a money back guarantee at the bottom of this page . Cancel whenever you want.

How does it work?

  1. You apply for a spot so we can ensure that we are a good match. 
  2. If we seem to be a good match for creating magical results for you, hehe, we book a call for more details and determine what Your needs are.
  3. You will receive everything you need to get started to your email, including links to the app (online platform).
  4. Training, diet & evaluation etc. takes place in the online platform in your phone/tablet/computer. Everything is structured in chronological order in your schedule in the app. You also get emails every morning showing what I want you to do for the day and you have video and text instructions on every task I want you to do.
  5. We get back in touch every week via e-mail, chat, phone or Zoom to evaluate the past week and thoughts for the next week. From there, we also book check-in calls. 
  6. We adjust what is needed over time so that you reach the goals we so desire.

Everything tailored without you having to follow someone else's schedule or location. Get an evidence-based program written and stop guessing while we use tools that suit you to manage diet, sleep and recovery. All you have to do is simply show up! You can get help throughout the week and not just during your PT session without conforming to someone else's schedule or gym and also very cost effective. Let the magic begin!
Questions and thoughts?

Contact me on messenger via the messenger symbol!

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