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The dog friendly training and massage studio at Östermalm


Strength training for a strong & fit body that also prevents pain & provide you with more energy!

Sports massage

Massage is an excellent complement to exercise to keep pain free, mobile and reduce stress through the hormone release of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Massage can aid recovery from exercise and help the body heal through improved blood flow. See what other clients have to say about the massage treatments a little further down the page. ►

A 25 minute massage is suitable for those who need a smaller area massaged, e.g. shoulders and neck. If you need a larger area such as half body with back, at least 50 minutes of treatment is needed and if you want a full body massage, 75 minutes is preferable.
Please note that sometimes the bookings are tight and time for cleaning and possibly payment is set aside at least 5 minutes before the next client. You change yourself in the massage room and let me know when you are ready. After the massage, you can get dressed in peace while I fetch water and wash my hands.

You can pay for your treatment online, by card in the studio or by Swish.  You will receive reminders via your e-mail and SMS 1 hour before your booking so you don't miss your appointment. Further down you will find my affordable massage packages for those who want massage on a regular basis and at the same time save a lot of money!

See what other clients have to say
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Massage treatments

Prices include 25% VAT

Massage packages

Do you want to go to a massage on a regular basis for increased well-being? Choose the package that might suit you or your family best!