KJ Body Performance

The dog friendly training and massage studio at Östermalm

Strength training for a strong & fit body that also prevents pain & provide you with more energy!

Personal training with Kim in and out of the studio

Are you interested in help? Apply today to secure a spot and see if we are a good fit as a coach and client. The application does not mean that you commit to anything.
My approach is different from most other coaches
Do you want clothes to fit nicely again and feel confident in your own body while you get more energy and everyday life becomes easier?
Exercising with your PT 1-2 hours a week out of a total of 168 hours sounds like an okay plan on paper. What many miss is that it is far from the hour(s) in the gym that is the only thing that gives you your results or just better nutritional habits, it is the whole and support!

A good looking, strong, pain-free body that can endure and give you mental well-being is priceless, but there are no shortcuts either. I'm with you every step of the way, both in and out of the gym so you always have someone to pick you up when you stumble, because _everyone_ stumbles sometimes. Everything you need is easily accessible on your mobile, computer or tablet!  The fact that I take care of all my clients even when outside the gym not only gives you a better service, but it enables me to have fewer clients at the same time so I can do an even better job for you. Oh by the way, you're welcome to bring your four-legged friend with you when you train, and I'll treat him or her to something good!

You train completely privately with me without distractions like in regular gyms. So if you want to feel better, reduce pain, become stronger and have more energy, don't hesitate to apply for a spot today. If we seem like a good fit, we book a consultation and discuss a plan that suits you over some coffee or tea! Towel and soap/shampoo are always available in the changing room. Hygienic, stress-free and with unbeatable equipment from Swedish Eleiko!
How does the process work in practice?
After you apply, you will receive a link to a meeting (consultation) if you seem to be a suitable client. There we talk through everything between heaven and earth, such as training history, injuries, illnesses, goals, lifestyle, etc. so that I get as good an overview as possible of you as a person. I will then write a test battery based on the consultation to get a more accurate picture of what you can do at the moment so I can make a plan to get you to your goals.

The next step is the program writing. You get the program delivered in my app, where you have video and text instructions for all exercises. Habits I want you to work on and all other coaching that you need are also delivered here. We then work through the program in person in the studio together as often as you need. You can do other training sessions on your own wherever and whenever you want because you always have access to your program on your mobile, tablet or computer. I can follow you and give you feedback regularly by taking part of what you record during your sessions in my app. We evaluate at regular intervals to see that things are going in the right direction. This is done in the form of body measurements (weight, measuring tape around the hip, waist, etc.), strength gains, improved mobility, reduced pain, etc. depending on what the objective is. Your program and arrangement changes over time to be as effective and enjoyable as possible for you.

Why hire a personal trainer?

Although it is always you who needs to make the changes to reach your goals, a trainer can contribute with several years of studies, further education and self-study as well as practical experience for as effective, safe and fun training as possible. You save a huge amount of time and energy hiring someone who has dedicated their life to exercise theory, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, etc. to plan everything you need to do. Most people have far too much going on to spend that time and energy on planning and should spend it on actually working out. On top of that, perhaps the most important of all; you have someone holding you accountable to getting the job done. If you want to have a nice garden and have the opportunity to hire a gardener instead of trying to learn on your own and doing the job which is still a lot worse and takes many times longer, why not?




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