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Reduce sickness absence to lower costs & get more efficient employees
Absence due to illness incurs huge costs for companies every year. Not only the employee's salary, but also the substitute worker's and substitute workers may not be as efficient at their work, which in turn entails indirect costs. By offering an easily accessible and effective overall solution for the employee and your company, I can not only reduce sick leave, but also give you a more efficient and energetic employee with a better atmosphere in the workplace as a result.

Kim is a certified online trainer & coach from the Online Trainer Academy, one of the world's leading training courses for taking your knowledge online as a trainer. Basic education from the university in Halmstad, bachelor's degree in biomedicine, specialization physical training 2010-2013 and licensed PT from Eleiko Education (2011).
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We see what exactly you need for your employees and how I can help you reduce costs related to sick leave. At the same time, the employees get help to feel better mentally and physically, simply win-win! The meeting and everything else can be completely virtual in case meeting in person is not possible.
What do the employees need?
A vanishingly small minority already have a good exercise, diet and sleep routine, while a large majority have none of these routines. My mission is to deliver what the majority really needs. Minimalist strength training with improved lifestyle habits in their everyday life based on the demands that the work places on your employees. Training 5-6 days per weeks is neither necessary nor optimal for most people, more is not always better. The already very active can however learn new and updated information anchored in the latest research as a bonus. On top of that, most importantly, they have someone to help them actually get the job done.

How does it work?
By delivering everything they need in my platform that they can access via tablet, mobile or computer. They have habits, lectures, science-based exercise programs to choose from with video and text instructions etc. and support from each other and from me. Before I build the solution for your particular company, I do a requirements analysis of how your employees work and what physical and to some extent mental skills are needed to do a good job and at the same time stay as healthy and injury- and pain-free as possible.
Everything tailored to your company without you having to follow someone else's schedule or location, unless of course you want the opportunity to also train with me in my private studio. Get several evidence-based programs written that you can choose from and stop guessing while we use tools that suit you to manage diet, sleep and recovery better. All you have to do is simply show up! You can get help throughout the week and not just during your PT session and also very cost-effectively!

Questions or thoughts?

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