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Strength training for a strong & fit body that also prevents pain & provide you with more energy!

Vanliga frågor / FAQ

Why do my PT sessions expire every payment period (4 weeks)?

Two reasons.
1. The first is that you as a client should have more reasons to actually go to the gym instead of constantly postponing your sessions. Continuity is super important for results.
2. Second reason is that if you were to keep your sessions forever and everyone did the same, all my hours would be taken up by clients who have already invested and I can't bring in new paying clients for rent, electricity, etc.

Can I actually train with you as little as 4 weeks? 

Yes, I want to give you the results you want as long as they are realistic. Most people need to realize that this takes time, it's not a sprint and there are no shortcuts (legal anyway). Having said that, there are still people who just need a little guidance as they have been training for a long time and have pretty solid knowledge from the start. However, I recommend most people give us at least 12 weeks together so that I have time to learn more about you as a client so that I can continue to develop your program and the most effective ways to guide you forward.

I can't afford to train in the studio, what should I do?
My personal training always includes online coaching where you get everything you get in the studio for 12 weeks to reach your goal, the only difference is that we don't meet in person, but you have full instructions for your program in both text and video formats. Habits to work on, technique check, weekly feedback etc. You need have to meet with me in the studio.

Can we come with two at the same time?
Absolutely! I have PT duo. This means that all sessions in the studio take place at the same time and therefore you get a 20% discount on the hourly price (plus any other promotions I have). However, tests and program writing will be individual, so the discount does not apply to these hours.

How do you pay for the training?
Direct debit from your bank card every 4 weeks. The number of sessions is automatically replenished in your account each time and expires at the next payment if you have not used them. You can stop whenever you want if you train unbound, otherwise after 6 months if you chose to tie up for more benefits and a lower investment per month unless we have agreed on something out of the ordinary.

Do I have to train all the sessions in my program with you or can I train by myself sometimes and sometimes with you? 
It works great. Even if you need a 4 days per week program, you can choose to train 1 of these sessions with me and the rest on your own. Either in my studio or at another gym. This is one of the fantastic perks of having your coach in your pocket all week, not only in the gym.

How many sessions do I have to buy as a minimum?
I give recommendations regarding the need for the number of sessions at the consultation according to your conditions (injuries, finances, time, etc.) and goals (weight loss, time limit, where you will train, etc.). It can be a bit more frequent with sessions in the beginning and then only 1-2 times per month after a while, e.g. There are no minimum requirements, if you are experienced and have difficulty getting sessions in the studio, I might recommend going online straight away.